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Originally Posted by ThermionicScott View Post
I don't have any excuse for not being equally practiced at right-side mounting/dismounting/crashing.
You don't need an excuse. Can't speak for crash/fall practices/preferences, but doesn't everyone mount from the non-drive side? For me, mounting from the drive side seems about as "natural" as trying to write with my left hand, or looking into a viewfinder with my left eye.

BTW, +1 above about the pressure. That sounds like a typical low pressure squirrely tire incident, not related to the studs. Happened to me on a roadie once. Tire wasn't flat, just low enough that on a left turn, I had exactly the same kind of fall. I've been running M+Gs all winter, I would guess 45 psi front and rear, everything from ice to slush to dry asphalt and concrete. No experience like this, even on typical leaning turns.

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