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Originally Posted by mattm View Post
I'm with you!

Never watched it but lost interest at "dragons & princesses", although I feel like I watch it since everyone (except us) watches it and talks about it nonstop.
When I first saw previews, I had no interest. It looked silly. Somewhere around season 3 or 4, we put it on because there was nothing else on TV and became intrigued. So we started watching it from the beginning. We ended up binge watching the first 3 or 4 seasons over about two weeks. It's incredibly entertaining.

I did learn early on though to not read about it online or look it up on IMDB - which will tell you who dies.

Honestly, at this point, my wife is much more into it than I am, but I do want to see how it ends.

(I also tried reading the books and could not get into it. A friend who has read them told me I was lucky. He said he felt like he wasted four months of his life reading those books.)
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