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Originally Posted by carfreefamily View Post
I'm curious about what wore out on the hub. It looks like most things can be replaced, except maybe the teeth in the shell where the low gear pawls engage. (Are they called teeth?) Over years and years, do those wear down to the point the pawls won't engage?

Everything else seems replaceable, and parts seem to still be readily available.
Who knows how many miles was on the bike before I aquired it, but I know that the guy I got it from was riding in snow and salt as the rims were shot (he provided a set of raw CR18s with the bike when I got it).

The planetary gears were pretty worn, the clutch was rounded, the sliding bit had a ridge on it that prevented it shifting easily from 3rd to 2nd, the bearings pitted. Its certainly rebuildable, but a lot cheaper to get a different hub since they are only $5.00 at my local LBS in the drawer marked '3-speed hubs', plus about an hour to take the wheel apart and rebuild it with the replacement.
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