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Originally Posted by merziac View Post
NDS is not identical to DS. RD hanger or no, chainstay treatment and other details are necessary to evaluate. Free frame is good as this has stamped dropouts so somewhat low end. Overall you did well, panto bits and all. We still like to have info we ask for when someone comes hat in hand asking for our considerable help.

Welcome aboard, glad you found us.
Thank you for the reply! I still can not add pics...
(Thank you to Bianchi Girl for her help doing that, very generous!)
if you look very closely, there is a braze on on the drive side to route a deraileur cable, but no additional drillings or any discernible difference to my eye. I wish I could add driveside pictures for you but it is not possible at the moment... apologies!

Im sure in time I will gain that ability...until then that is the best I can describe it
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