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Last whole bike I sold on ebay was similar, great deal on nice looking moto. It had fenders attached and after the buyer received it he sent me a ebay message saying that once reassembled one fender rubbed and he wanted xxx price refunded. I told him just needed adjustment as did not rub prebox . He said no, he knew how to to adjust and it was misrepresented. At that point told him I would not be extorted and even offered to take it back on my dime by sending him a prepaid fedex label, he would have to rebox (b/c I would rather have a loss but back vs having this prick have it). He said no, he wanted to keep it but still wanted xxx refunded, then threatened to report me to ebay, I said fine since I now had evidence he tried to extort me. That was the last I heard but made me realize just not worth it. I guess small parts would not be so bad but had a few other similar crazies that just turned me off. Last big batch of stuff I had in basement just gave away before getting out of the bike rehab game altogether.

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