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Originally Posted by miamijim View Post
My favorite wild card was the * as you could search mis-spelled items

The question mark "?" is also frequently used to match a single letter.

Yep. Plus plurals or other suffixes.

Bike or Bikes (Bike*)

or variations.

Campagnolo or Campy (Camp*) (with the risk of also snagging camping).

Derailleur vs Derailler (Deraill*)

Compound Words?

Future shock vs Futureshok vs Futureshock (Future*)

English vs foreign spellings and variations.
(Italy,Italia,Italian,Italiano) (Ital*)

That isn't quite as useful with Germany (German, Deutsch, Tedesco, etc).

E-Bay has been using an auto-translator in some cases. But, it often makes errors. I think I was seeing some interesting results when looking for headbadges. But, there are a few other things that seem to crop up, especially foreign words incorporated into the English language.
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