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Originally Posted by 2manybikes View Post
I had a bottle of fruit punch in a bottle that only leaked a few drops. It went down to the BB and then around to the BB cable guide.
It got into the small space between the BB shell and the top of the cable guide. It dripped down to the cable where it touches the guide and would cause sticking. I would clean off what I saw, and then go for a ride and the punch would come back to the cable again. If you're careful and make both cables slack by shifting without spinning the pedals, you should have enough slack to very carefully unbolt the guide and clean the top of the guide, and where it was on the BB shell. Get a lot of slack by putting the chain in the big big position, then click without pedaling all the way to the end of the cogs and rings. Wipe the cables down where they slide in the groove, and the groove.

If there is nothing else wrong with your shifting, you can go back later slacken the cables again, and, use the tip of a pencil and rub the sides and bottom of the groove and the cable all over. If there's nothing else wrong you might get the best shifting you ever had. It wears off in a few long rides, but you can reapply the graphite as much as you want. Over time the cable can wear a half pipe shape under were the cable goes, and more of the cable is hitting the guide creating more friction. A new guide is an easy way to get better shifting if the old one is worn.
Thanks. I looked carefully and the guide under BB looks clean and smooth, but I saw some crud/debris in the track above BB where cable goes through BB shell. I cleaned it out with some citrus degreaser abs put a couple drops of fresh chain lube on the cable so it would drip down. Maybe that will help. Will report on results after tomorrow’s ride.
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