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Originally Posted by ryansu View Post
@Demet like those latest bars and I am a fan of Motobecane's, their 23 inch frames fit me very well as I too have a long torso for my frame. As for wheels I will throw out that Swift (Panaracer) makes a very nice 27 X1 3/8 tire that I use on my Nisihiki cresta GT, it's roughly 35 mm width and gives a nice plush ride, that would allow you to keep your wheels and brakes as is. Its called the Sand Canyon and someone on BF recommended it to me. Panaracer also makes a 27 x 1 1/4 pasela (roughtly 32 mm) that is nice and supple. Good luck with the build and enjoy the ride.
Thank you, I like your tires, and could see going that route, but what I'm hoping and need to confirm, is that 700c wheels will buy me a little more space for a little bit bigger tire, and fenders. The limiting dimension seems to be at the chain stays, close to bottom bracket (not sure about nomenclature). There's a sort of indentation on both chain stays there, and it looks like slightly smaller wheels would help maximize the possible tire size there. Any advice on how to confirm this? I guess I need to figure out how much smaller a 700c wheel is, and the actual width of a tire I might want is.... Yikes, it seems iffy haha.
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