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Originally Posted by TiHabanero View Post
Bikingman, I am not a professional builder, simply a hobbyist, and have only done 3 frames. I started out with zero knowledge of brazing other than what I recalled from high school shop class decades ago, and it amounted to nearly nothing other than the filler follows the heat.

I believe you will benefit greatly from the Paterek Manual available from Henry James at I have the 2nd edition in paper form from 2000, and read it from front to back before ordering tubes or equipment. Every single detail is covered in that manual. It is what allowed me to build my first 2 frames successfully.

I also went exclusively with Henry James lugs and True Temper tubing from them after talking with a couple of professional builders. They said the quality, fit and easy clean up of the lugs will be in my best interest. True Temper is no longer available, but they have Columbus, which is top shelf stuff.

I built 2 frames in 2001 and nothing other than 3 drop out replacements for friends until this year. Built a frame for my daughter, made an enormous amount of mistakes this time around, not sure why, but I did. It is all good now and tomorrow I add some rack tabs to the frame and prep for paint.

Consider this a friendly Public Service Announcement or some such thing.
Thanks, TiHabanaro, this is a great book from a quick look over. I'll get to reading the first edition right away. And thanks from the plug on Columbus tubing - definitely a great first choice (given the True Tempers aren't available). Good luck adding the rack tabs!
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