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Originally Posted by ocsawdust View Post
Start spinning some miles. Your going to use muscles your not used to using. Your ass will hurt in the seat as well. Time in the saddle. Watch what you eat and keep hydrated. You don't want to "hit the wall" or some call it "bonking". You just might learn what it means though. Trying to stand from sitting in a chair will be very difficult. Also cramps come from lack of hydration. Don't schedule your jobs too close, you'll need some recovery time. Your talking about work that usually requires heavy equipment. Green logs are always so light till they dry out and get heavy.. keep a close eye on things as your going to push the limits of everyone erything. Anything breaks you'll need a plan "b". Maybe a backup bike and trailer, or stay on great terms with your friends that might have something you'll need in a bind.

Take some pics before, during and after. There will be people that will call bs without pics, and if things are indeed like you mentioned, you can show off things with the proof in the pics and reflect on times later on.
Thanks ocsawdust, I won't be hauling any material away from the job sites, just me and my tools, I'm planning on getting one of the training rigs for my basement for this winter and since my business is just starting it'll be a nice lead into cycling full time. I'll also still be using my truck for contract climbing which is about 75% of my work right now. I'm fully prepared to get my ass kicked just like when I started in tree care. Definitely planning on taking lots of pictures and some video for advertising, I have plenty of go pros and a drone so the process will be fully documented!
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