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I've had a Burley Flatbed for years and it's still going strong. While they have increased in price since I got mine I could still pick up a new one for less than half the price of the Surly trailer. Of the three trailers that I have, the Burley Flatbed, a Burley Solo and a Wike Woody Wagon, I could replace any two with new trailers for about the same price, or less, as one Surly trailer.

And while I'm sure the Surly is a very nice trailer; 37 lbs.? For just the empty trailer?
Weights Bill, long bed frame (includes hitch and wheels): 16.8kg (37lbs); Ted,short bed frame (includes hitch and wheels): 13.6kg (30lbs)
Surly recommends a bike with gears to tow this trailer. I suggest a motorcycle.

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