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Originally Posted by ChloeP View Post
I'm new to all this. I'm building my training up pretty well but swimming is my weak spot so I really need to concentrate on this. I need tips for my training, I've got access to one of these kind of pools http://www.endlesspools.com, a resistance pool I think they're called as well. Would this help? I figured it would cut down the time I lose on turns. Has anyone used one for training?
Also, I'm worried about losing time during transitions.
One more thing, are swim caps compulsory?
If swimming is your weakest leg. then swim as much as possible. Look at some technique classes too.

I had heard swimming in an endless pool isn't as good as in a regular pool (moving water vs moving through water) but if you are swimming more and can still focus on technique in one of these pools then why not use it?

Loosing time turning? Learn to tumble turn. If you want to continue with tri's, you will be spending alot of time in the pool. So why not learn to turn efficiently?

Practice your transitions.

Caps are compulsory in races here. Could be different in your country...
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