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You know, I've never questioned it. It was how I was taught, and what I've always done.

In fact, when I used to build Formica counter tops (which is pretty much the same procedure), I'd use 2 coats of glue. Again, it was how I was taught to do it. I never questioned it.

I can tell you that I've been using this method on my wife's cross tubulars, which she generally runs at less than 20psi, and she's never rolled one.
I got my front wheel crossed up once on the track and dragged it sideways so hard it tore a hole in the tire and cracked a spoke on a Hed tri spoke wheel. But it stayed on the rim.

Not trying to start an argument or say you're doing it wrong. This is just what's worked for me.

Edit: Mark got his reply in while I was typing...
Thanks for that explanation, it makes sense.
I generally deflate the tire after it's straightened out and roll a dowel around the cir***ference to make sure the center of the tire is seated on the rim.

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