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Originally Posted by genec View Post

In fact I am sort of fed up with networks trying to do their own thing... HBO, Showtime, Netflix... in the case of the latter, I suspect that production costs have cut into capitol used to purchase streaming rights for major Hollywood pictures.

HBO seems intent on showing skin... that is their big "seller," regardless of the actual quality of the story... the modus operandi seems to be "stretch the story and show plenty of skin..."

Netflix seems to be pushing their stuff, and old TV these days... and really poor third rate hollywood pictures.

I could be wrong on this... it may be that the contracts are written by actors agents et al, to not allow streaming... and force DVD sales and rentals.

None the less, the Netflix stuff seems to rely on stretching a story line over several weeks... when it could likely be told in a 2 hour movie; the "expansive filler" is plain boring.
I gather from your post that you have never watched a series produced by the old-guard broadcast networks. They have every flaw you described above, and have the added bonus of having anything creative or interesting removed by focus groups, lest some grumpy old man with nothing better to do writes an angry letter to an advertiser.

Face it - 'television' is dead.
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