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Originally Posted by Wilfred Laurier View Post
I gather from your post that you have never watched a series produced by the old-guard broadcast networks. They have every flaw you described above, and have the added bonus of having anything creative or interesting removed by focus groups, lest some grumpy old man with nothing better to do writes an angry letter to an advertiser.

Face it - 'television' is dead.
I have indeed watched old guard TV series a time or two... seems they had better writers in the day... these days the formula just seems tired and old... and too often what should have been a 2 hour movie is stretched to 13 weeks... Yeah, a lot of that seemed to happen in the '70s too... "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" is a perfect bad example... started with a somewhat worthwhile premise in the first few shows, then degraded to the "monster of the week" show.

Consider though that old guard TV gave us The Twilight Zone... so it wasn't as if all old guard was bad.
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