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Originally Posted by JPow90 View Post
Hi all, so glad I stumbled across this thread... I've been debating over a bike trailer for a couple of weeks but have been a little hesitant. Am ideally looking for one which can turn into a jogging one too as I've just taken up running this year to try and get myself in shape... but has anyone had any experience with this product: Monz Blue Bird Bike Trailer + Jogger white - Collection 2016 on ... or the brand for that matter? I've personally not heard of them?

Don't particularly want to splash out that much cash only to find out that it's no good? So what do you guys think??
I have never heard of that company/trailer, but I have some general related experience. If you are going to actually be running/jogging with the trailer/stroller, you absolutely want one with a fixed front wheel. The rotating front wheel accessories are great for general walking and around town use, but when you are at more than a walking speed they can be unstable and hard to control. The link you posted looks like it comes with the fixed front wheel and you can buy the rotating/swiveling one separately so it looks like you would be okay. Generally that trailer looks to be good quality, but I really have no idea what's available over there (from the link I am assuming not in the US).
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