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Originally Posted by 78EMORY View Post
Just to many restriction's ,this is the first forum i have ever joined.
If other forums are like this,it will be my last. Try to post my 1st thread, info bout a schwinn i have and no little about.
So naturally i would in clude a photo,but hell no.
Since i'm a new member can't post photo till i've posted 10 threads. Never heard such happy horse**** in my life.
Since you're new to forums, you may not know what a problem there is with people spamming a forum with tons of advertising. The 10 posts rule helps to keep the forum clean of that spam.

Reason i joined was to get some info on that and a couple other's i own.
If i don't know year and model of said bike's what do you think im going to do? Send 10post's trying to describe it.
Sounds like childish dumb **** to me.
This is easily accomplished by going to our Introductions forum and introducing yourself and then welcoming other new forum members.

What other ridiculous rule's are there?!
Although they aren't ridiculous, here is a link to the Forum rules.

No post's about Huffy on tuesday,can't post about blue bikes after 3pm,etc.
Don't be silly. You can post about Huffy bikes on Tuesday. Here is a link to a Huffy thread.

Damm,grow up! Enough rules in this world already. Do you have to know the secret handshake?
We are quite grown up. I suggest that you do the same. If you're nice, the secret handshake may be shown to you in the future.
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