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Altered Carbon.

I love the Blade Runner aspect, no amount of tech will prevent us from being (fill in the blank). Not so wild about the superman aspect, I'll gave a plot a lot of leeway. There is a lot of potential in genetic engineering and technological modifications (read the Commonwealth Saga for a clever take on that). But superhuman has been overdone..

I liked the way they made Bancroft's wife feel predatory when she got naked.

I especially liked the way they handled the change that dramatically extending lifespans could have on people. I don't think it has to be that way, but it's something most miss. Currently, humans are largely defined by time. You're young, you're old, removing all that is a game changer. The show argues that you become less human (I like the way the Commonwealth Saga handles that).

I like the way that changes the dynamic of figuring out whodunnit.

Caveat, I've seen 3 episodes so far, so if there are big changes coming, I am not yet aware of them. I hope they can keep it interesting, because so far, it has my attention in a big way.
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