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Class Struggle Theory: People bought bikes 1890-1925 , used them to commute to work , day-in, day-out . They earned tons of money . Had enough money to buy a car, so they splurged. They made a direct comparison , bikes versus cars. They decided the car was going to replace the bicycle.
Then they insisted on trying to get everyone else to switch from bikes to cars. There were no video cameras back then , but the **** they pulled was abominable. (pardon my french) .
They begged-the-question ; "' IF you had to choose between a Bicycle OR a Car, Which would you chose ? '". This is a fallacious argument , because most people can afford BOTH a Car AND a Bicycle.
Too many Vehicular Homicides. Victimless Homicides. Vehicular Happenstance. Stupid .
There was No rear-view mirrors that a bicyclist could use to see if a car was directly behind him , possibly with the intention of ramming the bike.
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