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I know plenty of car owners who I'd consider hero's for the earth and champions of sustainability. You have to take in consideration the persons entire lifestyle, livlihood, purpose and direction.. and not just owning or not owning a certain device or one specific possession. If you have the privilege and luxury to live car free by choice, good for you. Some people have jobs not within walking distance or where public transportation does not go, kids that need to be driven to school and other functions, etc.. I consider people who Carpool and use public transportation as sustainability heros too. In America it is a pretty big deal to live car free. I've tried it for a year by necessity. A good friend of mine has been car free for several years by necessity. Owning a car now, i would not voluntarily get rid of it even though i could live without it. The time I save by not having to walk or bike everywhere i feel is well worthwhile spent writing my elected officials on local transportation and sustainability issues, attending public sustainability events and meetings, etc.. I think the ridicule you have to put up with all year long by car owners who think youre somehow below society by not driving everywhere you go is probably equally burdensome as having to ride your bike in the snow to get some groceries.

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