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Originally Posted by reishi View Post
I know plenty of car owners who I'd consider hero's for the earth and champions of sustainability. You have to take in consideration the persons entire lifestyle, livlihood, purpose and direction.. and not just owning or not owning a certain device or one specific possession.
I don't judge people according to whether they drive or not, because people are all individuals. I just know how much roadkill I've seen in all the time I've ridden a bike and I doubt much if any of it was killed by non-motorized vehicles. I also have seen many white painted 'ghost' bikes set up as monuments to cyclists who were KIA and I doubt that any of those were killed by other cyclists or anyone else moving around without a motor. I'm also aware of how much pavement covers the ground and how much of that pavement would be needed if motor-vehicles were only used sparsely, by necessity. Most of the people who drive to work are doing so because the economic geography of areas has evolved with people driving around to various opportunities. If the same area evolved for a few decades with people avoiding driving out of necessity, patterns of human geography would adapt to cycling/transit/etc. and people would scratch their heads thinking about why so many people used to drive everywhere in the past.
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