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Originally Posted by FinkFloyd View Post
My question, therefore, is this: is there any way of finding out?

You can do it via boipsy as mentioned above. But, I'm fairly certain that you already have the info you need to determine with relative accuracy to which bucket you belong:

- Sprinter
- All-Arounder or
- Enduro

I assume that you are past high school age. Mandatory physical education classes, youth sports, and large populations of other kids to which you compare yourself are a great way to see if you are in one of the 3 buckets above.

How did you do in physical education classes? Were you the fastest in the short races?
Could you run the 1-mile run with ease?
Did you join the track & field (aka: Athletics) team? What were your events (100m, 400m, 800m, 1 mile, cross country)?
Football, baseball, swimming, tennis?
How does the idea of running a 10K for charity 1 month from now strike you? "Easy-peasy!" or " It's not happening."

Most importantly, how did you compare to your peers?

Answers to a few of those might save you from enduring a biopsy and get you some insight tonight.

Also, if you race all you can at your local velodrome, every race type, your strengths and weaknesses will be laid bare for all to see No biopsy needed.
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