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Originally Posted by trailangel View Post
Standing up going uphill you will find if the Q gets too wide you are fighting the bars/bike.

I actually experienced the reverse when standing with these wider cranks. One thing I've been incorporating in my focus when training is dynamically and fluidly bracing one pedal against the other when pedaling. It might simply be psychosomatic, but I've found that when my focus is good and I'm able to do it well, it feels stronger and easier, AND my HR-to-watts ratio also confirms its benefit. And when I did it with the wider cranks, the additional leverage was slightly offset by the awkward lateral feeling of the wideness. it didn't exactly feel like I was fighting the bars (which are 52cm wide, to accommodate the dog chariot.) or bike though.

So today I drove up to Santa Monica visit Nate Loyal to check on this. He explained to me why and how I do not need a wider Q-factor. Also did an 8-year check up on my fit on 3 bikes. He left a lazer pointed at my knees while I pedaled for a few minutes and he believed going wider would be a mistake.

My saddle on my "base" bike, (my beloved 86 Schwinn Peloton) had somehow crept back and down over half a centimeter since I last saw Nate in 2010.

A lot happened over the last 8 years. He's fathered two kids, I've broken 6 (or so) bones, including a femur, which I feared would affect my leg strength imbalance. Thankfully it appears I dodged that bullet, but Nate told me a few stories about clients of his who'd broken femurs, who'd had some interesting anatomic anomalies. In addition to Nate's expertise and meticulosity when performing the personal fit, it was also an enlightening experience.

LA traffic just gets worse and worse every time I go up there, (which happily is not often), but Nate is worth the drive.

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