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Sorry if this seems pain in the ass, but the medical people and his current heart and brain conditions are OK with the exercise?*

The trike idea seems logical and appropriate for him. There is the ability to sit and stand from a quite low position, but if he is determined, I cannot of anything getting him defeated by this.

The trike idea seems best at initially because it overcomes the issues related to balance,manouvrability, and protection against any further medical issues should be fall and hit his head. And while there are differences in people's thoughts on this, having him wear a safety helmet irrespective of whether it's one a trike, is remains an important think.

* Go see the thread about me titled "Rowan" in the 50 Plus Forum if you don't think I could offer any knowledge about this sort of subject. The thread does show that I am also a recovered cyclist, who is back on his ordinary bicycles and covered up to 40km in one ride.
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