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There are higher seating recumbent trikes like the Catrike Villager that don't require the rider to get out of a very low seat. The Villager isn't cheap but is of decent quality and good reliability. Be wary of entry level recumbent trikes. While cheaper than a Catrike they are also a lot heavier and often equipped with dismal gear ranges and the lowest quality components. You don't get the amazing stability of a very low trike but the handling is still very good. There are many stories on Bentrideronline ( from handicapped riders including stroke recoveries and the ways they got around the impediments. Special pedals that keep the weaker foot on the pedal comes to mind as one of the accommodations. You need some way to keep your feet on the pedals while moving to avoid "foot suck" where the foot drops to the ground and your leg gets caught by the frame.
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