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Originally Posted by shoota View Post
At the risk of not answering your questions I'm going to suggest you don't use either of these tires for your riding conditions. The GK lacks in sidewall bite for loose conditions, and the Rambler is not a comparatively durable tire. If you're going for a ~38mm tire then I think you would do better with a Specialized Trigger Pro. Just my two cents.
At this point, I can't seem to do the mental gymnastics to install a set of tires that would add over 1/2 pound to the bike, in outside rotating mass.

I'm not unreasonable, I know that I've got extremely light tires and I'll need to go up a little in weight for durability.

Is there a decent tubeless tire for dry dirt/gravel/shale in the <440g range. Lets pretend initial price is no object but replacing tires more than a couple times a year is a no go.
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