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Originally Posted by fork crown View Post
I cried too...for a different reason - I have to cross those F$@%ing things!!
That was my destination! I love the Rockies. I entered at Pueblo / Canon City, CO and followed the Rocky Mountains all the way to Alberta, Canada before hooking a left and crossing several other mountain ranges to Vancouver, BC. I am at my best in those mountains. Mountain weather in the Spring/Early Summer can be very wet but hey, nothing is perfect.

I was actually blown to a stop from gusts riding in a storm
Me too, between Hutchinson and Larned, Kansas. With a TRIPLE chainring in the easiest gear. Ridiculous.

I liked the idea of traveling home to familiar surroundings - great mental trick "I'm getting closer" everyday.
Just the opposite for me. The day my front wheel points toward the house, I'm looking for a train. Except once, i rode from New Orleans to Maine and back. I hated the feeling of going home.

A con is losing time crossing a time zone - we rolled into a small town looking for something to eat and the stores were closed because we crossed a time zone 10 miles back - lol.
I have a great time zone story but it is long and not really bike related.
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