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Originally Posted by jamawani View Post

Rawlins, Wyoming on the TransAm has strong, southwesterlies all summer.
Havre, Montana on the Northern Tier has moderate westerlies in the daytime with return easterly flow in the early morning hours.
Heh. At one point between Lander and Jeffrey City I was leaning sideways to counteract and amazingly strong SW wind. Walking west from the motel to the café I swear I was bent at a 45 degree angle. When I headed to Rawlins the next day I made sure to get a very early start. Leaving Rawlins I rode with a local headed to work at Sinclair east of town. He told me how his ride home takes so much longer thanks to the wind.

Above I described a day where I sustained 32.5 mph before having to drop back to 28 mph. That was between Harlem and Malta, which are not all that far from Havre.
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