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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
Heh. At one point between Lander and Jeffrey City I was leaning sideways to counteract and amazingly strong SW wind. Walking west from the motel to the café I swear I was bent at a 45 degree angle. When I headed to Rawlins the next day I made sure to get a very early start. Leaving Rawlins I rode with a local headed to work at Sinclair east of town. He told me how his ride home takes so much longer thanks to the wind.

Above I described a day where I sustained 32.5 mph before having to drop back to 28 mph. That was between Harlem and Malta, which are not all that far from Havre.
Ha! I was taking a rest break about 15 miles east of Rawlins under an I-80 overpass, catching some lunch I packed. (i still remember what I ate in 1989). I was just about to take the I-80 shoulder directly into the wind for a stay in Rawlins. Been fighting the wind all day. Anyway a pickup truck pulls up with a loaded touring bike in the back. Dude and bike get dropped off, he sees me and of course comes over to chat. My first questions: "You OK? Is the bike broken?" He replied "Nah, i just needed a break from the wind." My response: "Get the HELL away from me." Which he did.

FYI...I don't go on bike tours to hitch-hike. I am not judging others, I just don't want that energy around me. Only three ways I catch a ride on a bike tour: 1. Bicycle or I am broken. 2. Water ferries. 3. Bridge does not allow bikes and enforced. Oh yeah, #4 - ambulance.
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