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Difficult to assess because most bike thefts go unreported.

According to this source, France is somewhat safer than The Netherlands, somewhat worse than Denmark. With an incidence of close to 2% of the installed base reported stolen in a given year. I couldn't get a comparable rate for the US. Found somewhere that close to 200 000 bikes are reported stolen on a given year, and somewhere else that 100M bikes are in use. That would be one tenth of the typical rate reported in Europe.

The story can be told in many ways. One source writes that close to 20% of US college students report having had their bike stolen (I assume 20% of those using a bike on campus). Other sources would suggest that 50% of bike owners have experienced theft. Obviously, things do not add up neatly.


More to the point. Our bikes are equipped with framelocks. Very very convenient. Locks/unlocks in less than a second.

I would not worry too much. If bad things happen (unlikely) well, at the very least, you'll have a captivating story to tell. Worst case, you'll travel ultralight

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