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Getting serious about getting into shape
Originally Posted by Alfster View Post
I want to be able to do some longer rides this summer, so I'm getting serious about some winter training. My wife and I cleaned out one of our basement rooms and converted it to an exercise room
Originally Posted by Wildwood View Post
I've got to be outside.
I hike, ski, kayak, etc.
Luckily the far left coast is outdoor paradise.

Too many walls staying inside so much.
Originally Posted by Alfster View Post
Here's why I don't have much of a choice ...
Impressive facilities but we live in a small, but elegant condo in downtown.

Just prior to reading this thread, I posted to the Winter Cycling Forum:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
what are your favorite [Winter] conditions?

Nice descriptions @rumrunn6. 2019 is for me a re-building year after a bad 2018 (link), so since January I've been trying to ride, on abbreviated commuter routes using Commuter Rail.

As I have frequently posted:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I have previously posted to this thread, Why didn’t I ride
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
My job; either too much to do, so I stay (comfortably) overnight and resume very early in the AM, missing my commute; or have to travel afar for a meeting.

Having a mileage-based training schedule however, effectively motivates me to make time to ride

And to a lesser extent, family activities. …
You’re cetainly right about this being a friendly winter for riding.

During the single-digit, last week of January, I was (fortunately) stymied by attending a week-long conference in Boston. At such conferences I usually offer to take visitors on an evening walking tour in downtown, but no takers…
Fitness is my prime motivator for winter commuting, as my only tenable activity, though indeed just last week I looked at indoor trainers, to keep at work, but time and disinterest in indoor riding is still a limitation.

Sufficient outdoor riding prepares me for the Spring (link) and builds up tolerance for the cold in general.

Anyways, apropos of the title of this thread, one of the best motivators I experienced was in 2016:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
...Just this week, I was presented with a golden motivation to achieve my optimal mileage. The organization I work for is promoting an “Activity Challenge,” for teams of five members to track their physical activity: type, intensity and duration, from March 6 to June 6, and points are assigned.

Two of my co-workers are on an opposing team. Results will be posted weekly.

That may be just what I need to win this one for the Gipper.”
Originally Posted by Phil_gretz View Post
You must WIN, Jim. Do whatever it takes ... must win...
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Thanks for your encouragement, @Phil_gretz. The Challenge ended on June 4, and I came in third place of about 40 participants, and our team came in first, by a hair-breadth …

Those standings were released every week, and the competition was very motivating with very beneficial effects. Now that it’s over I am trying to ride at least about 150 miles per week through the summer; 147 miles last week.
This February, another facility that I work at has set up a much less "stringent" Winter Challenge for February.

So far this February as of Feb 8, I have no miles due to work and family activies, but despite temperatures of about 32 F. with a wind advisory, I’m planning a nine-mile ride from my workplace this Saturday to home (but I can drop out along the route and take a bus. )

PS: @Alfster , as a resident of Alberta, you may find this link interesting:Lexicon Of Urban Edmonton Ices

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