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Broken XT hub

Hi all,

For a couple of hundred miles, there has been an increasing amount of play in the rear axle on my bike. Part way through my journey to work today, it's started making some noise, and then part way home, started really struggling.

I've given everything a good clean today, so I can see what state it's in, and doesn't look good. The axle can be wobbled quite a bit, although it's all moving freely still. I'd guess the bearings have gone. It's a Deore XT hub which apparently has sealed bearings, so possibly can't be serviced?

Made a 5 second video to show what I mean. Too new to post a link, but it's

Is there much to be done there other than a new hub building into the wheel? Sounds time consuming and expensive?

FYI rear hub has done 5k miles, front hub was replaced 1000 miles ago after a car crash (along with the whole wheel) but I didn't have to pay for that.


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