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Originally Posted by TimothyH View Post
In my life I have held my 4 1/2 year old daughter in my arms as she died and watched a wife of 17 years walk out, abandoning her children and leaving me to raise two little 7 and 11 year old girls by myself. There's more, but my point is that there is little you could ever do or say to upset me.

Even so, I've decided long ago not to expose myself to people who intentionally try to rob me of peace and so I'm going to add your screen name to my ignore list. To be clear, I will never again see anything you write.

I don't hate you or think you are a bad person. I do hope you live the life your avatar speaks of and that we see each other on the other side.

-Pax Tecum-

It's too bad you won't see this response and apology. Had I known the reasons behind your comment I wouldn't have made light of them. So I'm sorry.

To defend myself a little bit here. The context of your quotes were made in regards to drinking and riding bikes. My cycling community regularly has "social" rides where people bring a drink for the halfway stop. And nothing bad ever happens.

Your comments about booze seem to pertain to not drinking at all anywhere in life. And that's a totally different thing.

Making light of someone who would immediately leave a group ride if someone else drank is totally different than making light of someone who has experienced tragedy. None of us knew this, and there's way we could have.

So I'm sorry, I wish I would have known the real story.
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