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What happened?
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I don't get what you are trying to say?

How does using them cut down on what you perceive as 'junk posts'?

The answer is: probably not.

It doesn't lead anybody to read the site terms and rules, and therefore you still have confused and upset new members who can't understand why they are restricted from doing this and that, which they are eager to do.

But should we make thiem read our terms and sign off on it, or quiz them about it? Probably not helpful either.

Every site has a different way of doing things, and this confuses new members who may not have realized it. Is it BF's fault?


Just help them along and explain it ot point them to said policies and rules..

And you can't expect them to operate just like you necessarily, they are new and so too were you once.

Have patience, take time to guide and of course, some will not make it. We're not aiming for universal acceptance.

No site really can or does, it works or it doesn't.

And hopefully they lurked a while and figured some things out about BF...some don't. I didn't...I got Tempest and this was the one placr I knew of about bikes back then. But I also was a veteran of several other groups and had ideas about how to behave and what to do. I wasn't perfect. I don't expect anyone else to be inirially either.

So our job is to welcome new members and help them fit in. Some won't no matter. This is true for every site.

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