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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
If you are parked fouling a trolley line that should be your problem. Philadelphia has six street trolley routes left over from the days when trolleys ruled the city. The Route 15, which passes a block my current house, was originally a trolley but was converted to a bus route at some point. Maybe a decade ago it was converted back to a trolley route using, in part, restored vintage cars. I used to ride those things back in the day, until they were replaced in the early 80s by modern cars made by Kawasaki.
I used to flatten pennies on the tracks of 52 trolley back in the 50's. This picture was taken at the end of the line block from my parent's house. I also spilled a basket full of newspapers that I was delivering crossing these track at a bad angle; I learned my lesson about this early in my bicycling life. these tracks. It was the old style trolley that reversed direction by changing the electricity pickup pole and had driver's controls at both ends.

In the 60's I used to drop my grandmother off by car at the 5th and Godfrey northern terminus of the 47 trolley after she visited so that she could get back to her South Philadelphia home which was located at the other end of the line.

Before I turned 16 I used to ride my bicycle to visit her ; the trolley tracks were always tricky to ride around, especially on narrow streets with parking on both sides or the street or on cobblestones, or both.

For those who may be interested: a listing from a few years ago about what used to be as far as trolley service in Philadelphia:
Philadelphia Transportation Company Streetcar Routes as of January 1953 Philadelphia Trolley Tracks: 1953 Philadelphia Transit Map

More Philadelphia Trolley photos from the 60's at:

Back then a cyclist learned to navigate safely in and around trolley tracks or didn't get around too much within Philadelphia.

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