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Wasn't able to perform yesterday's 6 x 10 workout because of life happening but able to bang it out today. I was genuinely terrified of this workout because it was so hard last week.

All metrics were identical this week with the exception of an average heart rate of 136 vs 153! RPE also significantly lower.

Alcohol may be the explanation because I know I drank at least twice last week during the week...and paid for it evidently.

Additionally, the previous workout was the first time at the increased power. Apparently, I'm coping with the increased power quite well

Edit - I forgot to mention the possible impact of an additional recovery as well as much lower load over the weekend for the reasons I explain in the below quote.

Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Just a quick post to report that I didn't forget to post an entry but that there simply isn't much to share that would be constructive since I had both technical and life-happening issues this weekend.

The only thing helpful that I can think of is to point out that I was deliberately splitting my (preferred) 1 x 120 workout into two 1 x 90 workouts because I didn't believe I was going to be able to squeeze in 120 minutes on either day, which turned out to be true since I had technical problems saturday (blown tire) and life-happening problems sunday and therefore only got 60 min in each day. Ouch. Had I known, I would have increased intensity dramatically but I didn't.

One other thing I can think of is that, to mitigate this problem I might plan for some additional intensity with less volume just until things calm down a bit because I'd much prefer 90 minutes at higher intensity than the chance of a 120 minute workout getting cut short and resulting in negligible stimulus. If things get too crazy I'll crank it up even higher for a 60 minute workout. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Actually, when I think about it, I might steer clear of the house/distractions altogether and just bust out a couple of hours on a spin bike at my gym. As much as I hate not being able to capture the data, failing to get the workout would be worse and flying blind for two hours in the gym would beat compromising duration any day. I'll just need to setup the bike as close as I can. At least for low intensity and one workout only it matters less I'd think.
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