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Originally Posted by Hiro11 View Post
Er... anyway. Back to the topic at hand...
Yes. For the past 20+ years, I've ridden mostly in Spandex but a couple years ago I thought I'd try baggy shorts. For me, they definitely have their place. When I'm touring/camping, I like them because I don't like being in public with my junk highlighted in spandex. And at the end of the day, I can wear them as regular shorts without the padded inner. Also, the two pair I have have zippered pockets that are oriented to rest normally when my thigh is horizontal. They are a good place to carry flat things like a (thin) wallet.

Where I don't use them is actually mountain biking because, much to my disappointment, they do get hung up on the saddle through technical sections. I would never use them on a regular road bike because they will flap in the wind and cause drag. But when modesty and off the bike comfort are called for, they're perfect.
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