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FINALLY able to squeeze in a two-hour endurance session!

Cardiac drift was below 5% despite and increase in power.

Cadence was hard to keep up toward the end which is exactly what I would expect for a challenging workout but should really have onset more rapidly, i.e. at 80% duration mark so power needs to increase again.

Both RPE and HR were in line with prior 120 minute workouts despite increased power so those are additional improvement indicators.

Thus power needs to go up for two reasons. Increased FITNESS plus improved ENDURANCE. If I hadn't already reached target duration, it would have made sense to increase both power and duration although, even then I'd need to begin substituting intensity for duration as I've run up against by max available workout time.

Additionally, instead of beginning higher intensity work a la being "done" with endurance development ==> maintenance, I'm going to continue on with prioritizing volume as I'm clearly responding well to it and, lastly, I have plenty of time for higher intensity given where I am in the season.

Oops, one more thing is that I'm really looking to see if I can get away with increased workout frequency as I'd love to get a big jump in volume. That would really be exciting!

Lastly, I'd like to capture some Wahoo Fitness App tips at the risk of helping any who are using that app and some of these tips might apply to any manual ERG software:
  • While I've always used a responsive warm-up approach, it's becoming very well-defined, effective and consistent.
    • I begin with a combination of lower cadence and a power then generates a comfortable torque; I don't care what the power is
    • As cadence naturally falls, I increase both cadence and power and follow this pattern until about half way into my warm-up (incidentally, the amount of time I spend warming up is somewhat inversely related to target workout power)
    • At the warm-up halfway point I increase power and cadence to a new ceiling, again based on session target power, i.e. higher power = higher cadence
    • The following the same process of cadence drops ==> increase cadence and power to maintain "RPE torque"
    • Today this process really saved me as my right knee was a bit uncomfortable and quite uncomfortable for the entire previous workout; after this warm-up I felt absolutely no discomfort during the entire workout, so much so that I really needed to pay attention to keep my cadence up
  • I don't want to see my HR during warmup or during work intervals, thus I use the screen where you adjust power which doesn't have HR
  • I also don't want to see total workout duration, at least until I start to suffer pretty badly
  • By tapping the metrics displayed on the screen where you adjust power, I can set it so that I only see lap duration
  • However, when I do the above I can no longer see current power, I see average lap power instead
  • But I want to see actual current power because I don't want to start my interval lap timer until I'm at full power
  • So I swipe to a different view which has current power but only lap time but does have HR but HR is a small number in the lower left and i don't even see it because i'm concentrating on current power which is a big number and toward the top
  • Even if I saw HR at the end of a rest interval, it wouldn't be a big deal. It's the work interval HR I really don't want to psych me out
  • The lap button works for every view so as soon as i hit power i can hit the lap button and then swipe back to the power control screen which has lap time and no HR
  • For today's workout I took a 30 microbreak every 5 minutes for comfort reasons and watched Netflix which was great until I got to the point where I started to suffer and have to concentrate on maintaining cadence

Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Wasn't able to perform yesterday's 6 x 10 workout because of life happening but able to bang it out today. I was genuinely terrified of this workout because it was so hard last week.

All metrics were identical this week with the exception of an average heart rate of 136 vs 153! RPE also significantly lower.

Alcohol may be the explanation because I know I drank at least twice last week during the week...and paid for it evidently.

Additionally, the previous workout was the first time at the increased power. Apparently, I'm coping with the increased power quite well

Edit - I forgot to mention the possible impact of an additional recovery as well as much lower load over the weekend for the reasons I explain in the below quote.
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