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Last Wednesday, expected chaos on the home front had me ducking into the gym at work for a 90 minute session on the Keiser bike which went better than expected and I was also able to successfully capture data so that will be a great for contingencies. Did not have HR info as I didn't have my strap with me and as usual Fitbit was useless. Power seemed about 20 watts higher than on Snap based on RPE. I'm tempted to get a second strap for work.

After a more-stressful-than-expected weekend at a state swim meet which also meant no weekend workouts, Monday's workout was abysmal. Planned duration was 60 minutes but quit after 20 minutes at working power. Post-analysis revealed a CD of 6% over just 20 minutes. Yesterday was back on track with a CD of 6% over 60 minutes of work.

I'm considering some forced progression to experiment with purposely driving up and dissipating fatigue/CD at different intervals, i.e. within and between microcycles and blocks. Endurance training should make this easy given microcycle uniformity delivering multiple tests. But will be tricky to get 120 minute sessions on weekdays so might substitute 6 x 10's since I can perform those on any day.

Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
FINALLY able to squeeze in a two-hour endurance session!

Cardiac drift was below 5% despite and increase in power.

Cadence was hard to keep up toward the end which is exactly what I would expect for a challenging workout but should really have onset more rapidly, i.e. at 80% duration mark so power needs to increase again.

Both RPE and HR were in line with prior 120 minute workouts despite increased power so those are additional improvement indicators.

Thus power needs to go up for two reasons. Increased FITNESS plus improved ENDURANCE. If I hadn't already reached target duration, it would have made sense to increase both power and duration although, even then I'd need to begin substituting intensity for duration as I've run up against by max available workout time.

Additionally, instead of beginning higher intensity work a la being "done" with endurance development ==> maintenance, I'm going to continue on with prioritizing volume as I'm clearly responding well to it and, lastly, I have plenty of time for higher intensity given where I am in the season.

Oops, one more thing is that I'm really looking to see if I can get away with increased workout frequency as I'd love to get a big jump in volume. That would really be exciting!
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