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Originally Posted by Midway View Post
Nice thread to read through BobL as Iíve been out of the loop twice as long as you; 15 years off the bike and Iím finding the same thing. My bike is late 90ís as is my components, an Avocet 40 Cycling ďComputerĒ, and poor fitting Nike shoes.

First on my list is a new set of shoes and to find out if my look style pedals are still in vogue.

Fortunately there is no shortage of information on the web. My 10th post, now I can read PMís and post links and pictures, I think.
I thought I had set it up so that I'd get an email if someone replied to this thread. I've been out of touch.

My newest bike is from 2005. While I bought my older bike (Trek 5200) sold as a '98, Bicycle Blue Book doesn't show my color as being '98, only '97. I'm still wearing my old Shimano shoes with Look cleats, old shorts, everything old. And they seem to be looking their age. Might be time for a bike store road trip.

Anyway, I have no real answers. My wife was getting physical therapy back in December and her trips suddenly reminded me that they typically work with very light weights as that's often enough to get a non-professional athlete back moving again. So I made a practice of standing on one foot around the house. No weights, just balance on one foot. The only time I'm sure I'll be standing in one place for a few minutes every day is while brushing my teeth, so I stand on each leg for a minute. Timed by Sonicare toothbrush. Started in December and I think it has helped. If I'm standing around waiting for the oven or something, I'll stand on one foot for a while, too.

My current issue is that my wife and I were out washing the cars back the first weekend of March, and she tripped over the garden hose and fell. Landed hard on our concrete walkway. Broke a piece off the top of her left thigh bone. As a result, the surgeon has her on a walker with orders not to do anything. So I'm doing everything around the house, I'm not riding outdoors, just inside on my magneto trainer. While the chances of getting hit aren't particularly high, call it 1 in a few thousand, it would be particularly bad if it did happen.
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