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Hi I 'm sobercycler,
I'm 52 will be 53 in January.

1. I ride an old 70's or 80's 12 speed Peugeot, think is a lower end one, has cotterless crank, 27" alloy wheels, weighs about 29 lbs. Just bought a 1983 Peugeot PGN-10 with virtually no miles on it today, weighs 22-23 lbs. Just took it in for an overhaul, can't wait to get it next week and ride it.

2. A multiple vitamin and one fish oil and one flax oil gel cap.

3. Slowed down? Heck, I quit drinking a little over a year ago and life has never been so good-speeded up if anything!!

4. Had a monstrosity when I was young with dual headlights etc, weighed a short ton. Commuted to school for a few months in my early twenties, had an old ten speed 15-18 years ago that I had a child carrier on that I would take the little ones for rides on, a mountain bike a few years ago for short casual rides, bought the Peugeot to get exercise to help in my recovery from alcoholism. So basically new to road biking.

5. I do short 15 mile rides, and some up to 55 miles so far, usually by myself just enjoying the scenery and life. Want to get in shape this fall and winter so I can do the Seattle to Portland ride next year.

6. Usually a few times a week, don't know how many annually, but I just got a computer on my bike and will be watching it!!

7. Jog a little, was trying to lose a few pounds on the bike so My joints aren't so stressed jogging and found I like cycling better than jogging.
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