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Originally Posted by Retro Grouch
You didn't ask but, what's the big deal about being 50 or 60 or whatever? If I had answered the same battery of questions 20 years ago, I don't think that any of my answers, aside from what bikes I owned, would have significantly changed. That's what's real. To me, the biggest barrier that I face today is the unreal perceptions that people seem to have about what a fellow my age should be like. It affects me everyday in things like job availability, health care insurance availability and even what bikes the kid in the bike store is willing to show me.
The big deal is that to some folks it IS a big deal.

I am experiencing the same discrimination that you experience - and it is discrimination.

One of the nice things about this forum is that you read about 50, 60, 70 year-old folks for whom it is NOT a big deal - they do like you do - just keep going.

But, sadly, we need to make others aware that we are "NOT DEAD YET!"
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