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I thought there might be some interest in a thread such as this. If not, it will go the way of all threads - just die away.

So, here is my first contribution.

Some questions:

Please tell us your age. 54

1. What type of bikes do 50+ folks ride?
1993 Infinity Its a LWB recumbent

2. Do you take any special supplements/vitamins/minerals as you have grown older?
No but I drink less alcohol

3. How much do you feel you have "slowed down" if any?
When I was 30 I averaged 20 mph on short rides and 16 mph on long rides. (32 km/hr 26 km/hr)
Now I average 14 mph on short rides and 12 mph on long rides. (23 km/hr 19 km/hr)
Then 145 pounds today 185 pounds. ( 66 kilos 84 kilos)

4. How long have you been biking? New, around a while, biked all your life?
Been biking since I was 8 except for a few years that I took off. Didn't bike from 17 to 22 years old. I didn't bike for a whole year about 4 years ago because of a herniated disk.

5. What type of biking do you do? Long rides, touring, short rec rides, commute, tour, race?
I commute 4.5 months out of the year and take short rec rides on weekends.

6. How often do you bike? Your approximate annual mileage?
When the weather is nice. About 1000 miles a year. (1600 km/yr)

7. Do you do any other type of physical activities - weight lifting, skiing, running, etc.?
Used to Cross Country ski until the back went out.

Perhaps you might indicate your age on your reply??
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