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[edit to add the following after I posted the original below] Hey, type in carry bicycle with scooter into Yahoo and see what you see - lots of actual examples!

Can you attach a lighweight trailer to a scooter. If you go less than 50mph, I would think that any trailer built for a bicycle would work. Then I'll bet you could figure out how to carry a bike with a fork mount and some way to secure the front wheel alongside the bike. Just thinking out loud.

Or, again if your speed is ~50mph or less - maybe some sort of fork mount on the rear fender or luggage rack of the scooter. Attach bike's fork, rear wheel trailing on the road. 50mph is not going to harm a bicycle wheel, other than some premature rubber wear (but tires can be both heavy duty and cheap). Figure out a way to mount the front wheel alongside the main triangle, maybe even w/ bungies.

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