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Originally Posted by skidder View Post
Watching the financial markets, waiting to jump in with some fresh cash. I thought the markets would run into some financial hick-ups and take a dive, but I never expected something like COVID-19 to come along and 'tank' them so badly and so quickly. On the plus side this'll really improve my retirement portfolio. .

My employer's gotten really bad at keeping employees informed, so I suspect early this week (if not today, Monday) we'll all be sent home to either take time off or work from home. IF that happens I'll be doing a lot more gardening and bicycle riding.
As predicted, today my employer implemented "Work-From-Home" or leave time for the next two weeks (minimum). I got stuff to do that should take two weeks, after that things will get a little slim and I'll probably have to take some leave time.

On a positive note: The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped another 3% today. Over the last two weeks its dropped about 35% (insane!! ), and earnings reporting season is next week. I just hope investors have already factored in the coronavirus' effects on companies earnings as part of that 35% drop or the next few weeks are not going to be pretty.
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