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If riding your bike lowers your excitability threshold and your inhibitions do at least one of the following things: learn and practice anger management techniques and/or stop riding. There are a lot of people walking through life with a very short fuse, and getting into a hassle with them is potentially deadly. Itís truly shocking how quickly a random encounter with such a person can escalate from words to violence. A few things to remember:

1) The best way to deal with trouble is to avoid it in the first place. No matter how much righteous indignation you feel be aware that responding angrily will *not* convince the other person of your rightness and their wrongness. It will only serve to escalate the situation further.

2) You have nothing to gain and everything to lose by getting into a hassle with someone. No amount of argument or adversarial behavior will make the situation right, but it may very likely lead to bad or even catestrophic consequences for you.

3) You have no idea the kind of person youíre dealing with. They could be anyone from Caspar Milktoast to a baby mutilating criminal sociopath. You have no idea of their present state of mind, their level of self control, their propensity for aggression and violence, their amenity to reason or the abject lack of same, their physical capacity for violence, their criminal history, or really anything else about them. Do not assume anything based on a personís superficial appearance, the vehicle theyíre driving, or any other immediate impression of them.

4) Rash behavior can cause you a lifetime of regret. No matter how much anger you feel in the moment it will eventually subside and, unless youíre a sociopath, youíll get over it. But if in that moment of anger you do something with irrevocable consequences you will find that years after your anger has dissipated the consequences of your actions will still be with you.

Just a few things to bear in mind.
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