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Originally Posted by MattTheHat View Post
Where the heck are you riding? From this and a few of your other posts it sounds like you’re cycling in a Mad Max type scenario.

You write that most people are “entitled idiots who don’t have any idea what the laws are they just get mad if they have to wait 2 seconds.” MOST people? Really? In my experience I’d say a tiny, tiny fraction of drivers act that way.

If you feel like you need to carry a u-lock for self-defense, you might want to reconsider riding. Or maybe move. Knitting or stamp collecting are pretty safe alternatives. You also might not want to post about your u-lock self-defense system on the internet. Guess what happens when you clock one of those drivers with your u-lock? Your internet post won’t look good in court.
It pretty much is mad max, at least when it comes to dealing with pedestrians. Most of the drivers are OK but there are a lot of them on some of the roads I pass to get to the bike trail. I don't care if the cops see that, I would never do anything that was unwarranted and they are not going to chase people down over a minor incident anyway. Hotheads aside (and there's lots of them who object to me being on the sidewalk or being in the bike lane or being in the gutter or on and on) I've been attacked by homeless people by surprise before and if that happens on the bike then I want to be sure I am ready.

I already moved from california because the whole state has turned into a dumpster fire which is unlivable unless you are a retired multimillionaire or otherwise lucky enough to live in a beach city and not to have to commute. It's actually pretty safe here in vegas but between the street people and hot/cold/windy weather the awful drivers and the plentiful traffic it is not the best bicycle environment. I am sure out in the country it is better but the whole country is changing dramatically and it shows no signs of slowing down or changing for the better any time soon.
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