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I couldn't sleep in a hammock, I was willing to give it a further try. Unfortunately for me, I screwed up my neck sleeping in a regular bed with a very saggy mattress. The chiropractor's explanation left me feeling I would be stupid to keep trying the hammock.

I think ultralite camping is a good idea, but if you take it too far, even if you gut it out, it isn't going to make your touring more efficient, which at least for me is the point. The sweet spot for me is a really light bag that is sufficient for the situation. I mostly tour in warmish weather, because 20 MPH isn't comfortable when it is cold. So while a 3 season bag is the best alternative for all around use in my climate, for cycling I use a summer bag and would prefer a Jardine quilt. I use a 3/4 length foam mat. I use a lot of different shelters, but I think a tent is the best overall. For solo tours I think a small 2 person is the best bet. It is costing at most 2-3 pounds, and I don't suffer by making it my only luxury. The bike is carrying the weight. Net for not having more bag or mat than I need, I am up even less since the tent is a little heavy, while the other stuff is light. This gear means I will be really comfortable. Throw bugs, rain, midnight exits, etc... And I will remain comfortable. Other than that, I am a cut toothbrushes kind of guy. i don't carry chairs and expresso makers. I don't carry a stove and pots. But sleeping is 8 hours of important posture, and I need to be able to make the most of it. Not having coffee, or hot food is probably a heath uptick, so again, it improves my overall efficiency.
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