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Originally Posted by slvoid
BTW, there are now AA's that fully charge to 2200+ mah in *15 minutes*.
I'm gonna start scrounging the 6 pages so far for battery info so I can write a summary and stick it in the first thread too.
And 2manybikes, I'm gonna add the link to ur page, I'm still trying to get the images to work.
I went out for a while and when I came back I forgot to answer your PM. Sorry. I think I know a couple of places I can host the photos for free, I will try and make the links work in two other ~ sites~ I'll get back to you.

That's a great idea to have some basic battery information along with the chart. Can you paste that chart into a post so the whole thing comes up?

Thanks allgoo 19 for the link.

Maybe you need this.........

Its on sale !!

For Only $1,322.79 USD Its on sale from $1,469.27 USD

Mountainbike Magazine: "the brightest system we've ever seen".

German Mountain Bike Magazine: "Brightest light in test. Best result: SUPER in other words "...the light is so bright - its like a landing UFO..."

The Supernova P99-D is the brightest bicycle headlight available on the planet ! It is the No.1-choice for 24 hour races. The two different Xenon H.I.D. reflectors provide a long distance light with a 6 angle and also a broad beam light with a 13 angle. Two 14 Watt H.I.D. bulbs, which are equivalent 120 Watt halogen, will even leave your car headlights in the dark. Mountain bike Magazine USA: the brightest system weve ever seen !
Remote control electronic power management-PMX 6.5 has new software featuring a simple, rider-friendly menu: 15min step rest burn time display with low battery warning, automatic shut-off to prevent deep discharge to increase battery life, energy save mode. Multi color RGB LED display. All electronic components have either industrial or military standard certificates. Bulb-Protection-Software prolongs bulb life.
Automatic charger microprocessor controlled ultra fast charging - for world-wide use ( 100-240 V ), overcharge - protection with auto shut-off . Temperature sensor. Charge time: 85 % in 2,25 hours. 100% in 4,25 hours.
Burn Times: 4 hours @ 14 Watt, 2 hours @ 28 Watt
Charge Time: 85% in 2.25 hours, 100% in 4,25 hours
Battery: rechargeable lithium ion battery - 8800mAh (High Quality MOLI Technology) integrated in insulated water bottle ( fits in every bottle cage ). 14.5 Volt. Electronic power booster provides maximum lighting power regardless of battery status. Waterproof 5 pole gold connectors
To view a presentation of SuperNova lights (requires Quicktime) from their site click here

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