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Originally Posted by allgoo19
I wasn't aware of this. It must be a new model.

From what I can see in the spec. it looks good. Wattage often doesn't tell you the whole story, for exaple, 2.4w MicroHalogen is much brighter than 5w halogen I have, probably comparable to 10 w halogen. So, 3.5w doesn't really graurantee that it is going to be brighter than 2.4w MicroHalogen.

I'd be very interested to see someone comes up with the side by side test between Planet Bike 5000x and Micro Halogen. Maybe this is going to be the new champion of one piece unit 4AA battery head light.
This is one time that being this far apart is a pain. Too bad someone can't just hand me the planet bike, or I could hand them my micro halogen.
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